Summer 2012 Course

As part of the Walker Kitchen Lab, students can participate in the collective through a course.

TITLE: “Redesigning the Kitchen: A Mobile Hearth for Collectivist Action”

WHAT: A collaboration between the Walker Art Center and the University of Minnesota

WHERE: Course meets at the Walker Art Center

WHEN: June 18-29, M-F, hours 10 AM-4 PM

U of M COURSE #: LA 5405, section 2


FOR: Graduate students and upper level undergraduates from any major, with permission of instructors. Maximum 16 students

INSTRUCTORS: Rebecca Krinke

TEACHING AND PRODUCTION TEAM: Betsy DiSalvo, Carl DiSalvo, Susy, Bielak, Anna Bierbrauer, Erin Garnaas-Holmes, Derek Schilling, and Emily Stover

QUESTIONS?: Contact Rebecca Krinke at


The Kitchen Lab is an art-design studio course concerned with re-conceiving the kitchen: its ingredients, structure, and functions. Students will consider the design and use of kitchens from an array of vantage points: studio art, social practice, landscape architecture, food systems, urban planning, interaction design, ceramics, public health, cultural studies, theater, engineering, and more. Participants will design and build a new kind of kitchen—a modular, multifaceted public “lab” with tools for use on the Walker’s Open Field and in the city, where people congregate for experiences with food and in the process spark new kinds of social interaction and civic engagement.

As part of the class, students will be exposed to theories and practices of community engagement, experience design, socially engaged art and design, informal leaning, qualitative and design research methods for socially engaged art and design. The course will feature guest speakers and invited reviewers. The outcomes of the course will include a collaborative produced portfolio piece, documentation of the process, and presentation to Walker Art Center staff and local professionals.


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