Things Are Getting Busy

With the public launch of the Walker Kitchen Lab in about 10 days, things are getting busy.

Emily Stover, Erin Garnaas-Holmes, Derek Schilling, Anna Bierbrauer, and Rebecca Krinke have been working with Patrick McKennan in the University of Minnesota design shop preparing prototypes of the containers that will be the basis of the Kitchen Lab.

Betsy and Carl are doing their best to keep both the research and studio components of the project moving forward (developing interview questions, rubrics for the studio work, observation themes), as well as working on their Kitchen Lab event for the evening of June 21 (more on that next week).

And Susy Bielak has been tirelessly contributing everywhere, while also managing all of the necessary groundwork at the Walker Art Center.

Over the next 10 days, we’ll begin to post more and more on the project: what’s going to happen from June 18 to the 29th, the various motivations behind the project, and our hopes for how the project will move forward after the 29th.

For starters, below are some images of the Kitchen Lab container prototypes. There will be six of these. Each will be organized around a different food issue or theme, and will contain various tools, ingredients, and instructions for its use. Precisely what those issues and themes are, and what’s designed to express them, will be developed over the course of the workshop.


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